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Email: info@portlethenmensshed.co.uk                                                             Tele: 07518594538

We have a committee of 8 Trustees, they are:

  • Walter McMillan - Chairman & Trustee

  • John Coull - Vice Chairman & Trustee

  • Margaret Rodger - Treasurer & Trustee

  • Julie Forbes - Secretary & Trustee

  • George Pringle - Trustee

  • John White - Trustee

  • William Green - Trustee

  • Geaham Norrie - Trustee

If you have any questions or simply want to find out more about the Shed, you can contact us, details are on the contact page

How to find us:

We are located in Cookston Road in Portlethen. On the opposite side of the road from Portlethen Primary School and the Police Station and between the Lethen Arms and the Porty Cabin Youth Centre.

We are open 3 mornings a week:-

  • Monday

  • Wednesday

  • Friday

From 10am to 1pm

  We are a Scottish charity established to primarilly promote general wellbeing, continuing education and healthy lifestyles for retired men, men who are not in employment and men who just want to enhance their lives by using their time constructively and enjoyably. We are open to members over 16 years of age, irrespective of their race, gender, or sexual orientation.    

  Our aim is to set up a ‘Shed’ where members can go to engage in creative, enjoyable activities and meet and socialise with other 'shedders', share their skills, actively pursue their hobbies, work on their own or community projects, or just to have a place to go and relax among friends.